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Honestly now, is manual data entry the best way to keep track of your work orders?

Imagine assigning and tracking 5... 10... 15... 20+ work orders a day? Could you do it?

Would you have to hire staff or pay for expensive software solutions and support?

My maintenance services company grew from 5 work orders a day to 20 work orders a day without having to hire additional staff or lose track of work orders. We actually improved our work order turn around times.

Most property management companies use software to help them manage work orders (Appfolio, Buildium, Property Meld, etc..).

But these solutions do not offer automated scheduling and tracking of work orders.

That’s why you, your coordinator or VAs have to update work orders manually & call your vendors for status.

What if you could get work orders completed faster, without calling your vendors or manual data-entry?

That’s why we built TheScheduler.

Here’s How To Schedule Your Work Orders On Time Automatically

Assign your work order

Vendor enters desired date and time to complete work order & TheScheduler takes it from there. It contacts up to four tenants per property and follow-ups with them automatically (via SMS) until the work-order is scheduled & completed.

Check the status dashboard

TheScheduler will provide up-to-the-minute status updates on every work order, from the moment the vendor reaches out to the tenant.

Get notified upon completion

TheScheduler will notify the coordinator via email if there is no response from the vendor or tenants and recommend next steps until the work order is marked complete.

What our users say

As a vendor I had some concern about using the app to set appointments. I’m happy to say that it has simplified that task significantly. Before… I was at the mercy of [tenants] who wanted some perfect time. After using TheScheduler, I find that most tenants are available at the time I set. For every 10 appointments that I set I’m finding that 8 or 9 people confirm the time I designate. An excellent feature to be sure.
Bill Lewis, Vendor
As work order volume increased for us, we needed a way to be sure vendors were reminded to schedule work orders after assigned. Using TheScheduler has significantly improved work order turn around times and reduced tenant complaints. I can’t imagine going back to tracking work orders manually again!
Wendy P.,
Maintenance Coordinator
It’s my primary scheduling tool. At least 75% of tenants respond via TheScheduler. When the tenant responds, I get a confirmation notice. It’s a seamless tool.
Bob H.,
Arvada Repair

Message from The Founder

PropertyScheduler started as a favor for a Property Manager and friend with over 220 doors under management and a 3-month backlog on maintenance requests. I jumped in as a hands-on maintenance coordinator and technician and was able to bring his maintenance backlog back up-to-date within 30-days.

This “favor” parlayed into years of hands-on experience with available processes and tools for coordinating work orders. I soon discovered there was a huge need for a simple, reliable, and effective tool for work order status management.

TheScheduler™️ makes it easy for us to schedule and track work orders from the start, so we know what is happening and when.
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Property Scheduler

  • Automated text-based scheduling
  • Automated notifications back to maintenance coordinator based on WO status
  • Integration with any backend software platform
  • Intelligent WO status tracking through completion
  • Easy & clear dashboard.


  • Rely on vendors to schedule on-time
  • Manually call or email vendors for status
  • Rely on vendors or tenants to notify maintenance coordinator of any delays
  • Rely on vendors to manually update their backend software with work order status

5 Tips to Save Time on Property Maintenance and Increase Tenant Satisfaction  

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside:
  • How to find and list your top vendors.
  • Timing matters: know when is best to assign work orders.
  • Know when to follow-up on work orders.
  • Why Scheduling is key and often overlooked to avoid wasting time on your property maintenance.
  • Most common bottlenecks to scheduling and completing work orders on time.
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  • Save time on property maintenance.
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  • Automate work order scheduling and status tracking.
  • Receive automated status notifications when an action is required.
  • Reduce needless anxiety wondering if your vendors or tenants are being notified and monitored to ensure timely work order scheduling.